Maple News

Christmas Lunch

We had a lovely Christmas lunch on Friday 13th February. All JASP, YPC and Link pupils came together to have dinner with the staff and to recieve gifts kindly donated by the salvation army. Cathy dressed as Santa and Kath was her elf helper.

Person imitating shock
Person giving first aid

Person imitating shock
Person giving first aid


In early December, Maple pupils learned about the General Election by having their own election. During a series of morning meetings Cathy, Kath, Dawn, Dan and Carl stood as candidates, made posters, talked to pupils about their manifestos and answered questions set by pupils at the Maple hustings. Dylan and Yasmin took turns at playing the Speaker of the House and controlled the debate, shouting “ORDER” whenever necessary!
Then, on December 12th, Election Day, pupils brought their polling cards to the hall where they were issued with a voting sheet and they put their secret cross against their candidate of choice. Ben took on the role of the Polling Clerk and Shea took on the role of the Presiding officer to make sure election rules were not broken.
Finally, after voting had closed, Mitchell who had volunteered as Returning Officer counted the votes and declared who was the winning candidate.

Pupil candidate speaking
Pupil candidate speaking
Pupil voting

Pupils and staff Voting
Pupils discussing votes
Ballot box voting

Club Doncaster

On 11th December 2019, Kath and Cathy gave a speech on behalf of Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospital Trust, to the sponsers of Club Doncaster (Doncaster Rovers, Doncaster Belles and The Dons). It was to give thanks and to highlight the importance of their continued support for the children in Hospital. They thanked them for the gifts, signed merchandise and photographs that the teams bring at Christmas time. The visits from the teams are a real boost for the children at often quite a difficult time. Club Doncaster will be visiting the children in hospital on 17th December this year.

Meeting of Club Doncaster

Meeting of Club Doncaster
Kath and Darren

First Aid at Maple

Sam from icansavealife has recently been into Maple to teach first aid to health and social care pupils as part of their GCSE course. They practised giving first aid for choking, an asthma attack, bleeding, shock and burns as well as attending to an unconscious patient including putting them in the recovery position

Person imitating shock
Person giving first aid

Restart a Heart Day 2019

Maple pupils have taken part in the annual national event of Restart a Heart Day. Paramedics and South Yorkshire Fire Service staff attended Maple to assist pupils in a practical session where they were practised their CPR skills on our Resus Annies. Everyone has received a certificate and a wrist band to congratulate them on their efforts. Pregnant pupils and our young mums also attended a session where they were able to learn about CPR on a baby or child. Well done to all pupils for your efforts!
Currently in the UK, less than one (8.6%) in ten people survive a cardiac arrest. If we achieved the same survival rates of countries like Norway (25%), where CPR is taught in schools, an additional 100 lives could be saved each week - the equivalent of approximately 5,000 every year. Maple pupils take part in the event every year .........

Paramedics and Fire Brigade
Pupils Doing CPR

Science Experiment

I took mixed group pupils into a Science experiment Tina was doing this morning to show pressure within a conical flask. The egg wouldn't go down into the flask but after lighting a paper strip inside the flask the air was removed from the flask causing a vacuum. The egg then fell into the conical flask because of the effect of the air pressure on it.

Tina does egg experiment with pupils watching on

'Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning'

Pupils and staff have been busy baking buns, cakes and scones this week which they have sold at our 'Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning' event to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Research. Pupils from across Maple, their parents and carers have attended and were served by pupils from year 10 who have helped to organise the event as part of their Lifeskills course. We raised £88.57

Josie making sure everyone pays
Table spread out with all cakes and buns
Everyone grabbing something to eat

National Fitness Day

Pupils from across Maple took part in an event for National Fitness Day by taking part in physical activities followed by a healthy breakfast. A wet morning prevented everyone doing the Maple mile around our field so pupils tried activities such as table tennis and boxing as well as practicing their skills at controlling a ball around cones. Pupils also had a healthy breakfast of toast, pancakes with fruit, yoghurt and fruit juice as well as having a go at quizzes and wordsearches.

Playing Hockey
Boxing with pads
Eating Healthy Breakfast


To mark the event of the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, pupils at Maple have been taking part in craft activities in their Science lessons making and launching rockets. Their lessons on forces and different aspects of pressure helped them understand that the amount of water in the rockets played an important part in the height and distance their rockets travelled. Pupils then made moon landers and had a competition involving eggs to see whose landing would be the softest and whose egg would survive intact!

Pupils making rockets
Rocket all made
Cathryn and pupil testing

Tina launching the rocket

Afternoon Tea

Year 11 pupils have been involved in preparing afternoon tea for staff. They have made a selection of cakes, including gluten free victoria sandwich cake, scones, strawberry shortbread as well as egg mayonaise, tuna, ham,and cheese sandwiches which were served to staff. Kelsey also made her famous spring vegetable soup which is fast becoming a Maple favourite! Everyone also enjoyed a cup of tea served from a teapot. Thanks to Catherine for all her hard work in organising a lovely event

Pupil cooking soup
Pupils with afternoon tea laid out on table
Afternoon tea laid out on table


Key Stage 3 pupils at Maple have been taking part in a gardening session to develop their awareness of plants and the environment. They have taken part in repotting plants and also planting sunflowers in our garden. Pupils will be involved in regular watering and we are hoping for lots of sunshine to help them grow to their full height!

Pupil potting plants
Pupil planting plants in garden
Cathryn showing pupil how to plant herbs

Life Skills

Atter all their hard work in their exams this year, Year 11 pupils have been involved in life skills activities at Maple. Today they have cooked a three course meal including spring vegetable soup, meat and potato pie, apple pie and rock cakes. Kelsey prepared and cooked the soup, Leuven made pastry for the first time and Jessie made excellent rock cakes. Everyone was involved in setting the table and serving their food which was enjoyed by all. Delicious!

Pupil chopping vegetables
Pupil adding Tomato paste to pan of ingredients
The finished Pie


Pupils this year went to an outdoor activity residential at Winmarleigh Hall in Preston. It was a resounding success and pupils and staff got to experience a variety of outdoor activities, such as archery, climbing, team building etc. The money was donated by Children in Need.

Pupils doing an activity
Pupils sitting round camp fire
Pupils team building

Young Health Champions Breakfast Event

Pupils from the mixed group have recently organised a breakfast event for all pupils in Maple as part of their Young Health Champions Award. Their aim was to raise awareness of the importance of eating a breakfast to benefit your health and well being as well as help you concentrate during lessons and prevent you from overeating later on. Pupils prepared posters, invitations, quizzes and wordsearches as well as preparing the breakfast foods for pupils. Many pupils tried new foods which they really enjoyed. They can have a breakfast at Maple on any school day and can request other breakfast items to try.

Breakfast laid out on table
Pupils enjoying breakfasts
Pupils making their breakfasts

Personal Safety

Maple has recently had a visit from Eamonn Larkin, a former policeman, to talk about personal safety. He explained to pupils how to stay safe when they are out alone or with friends. He raised awareness about the dangers of using your mobile phone when you are out walking. Pupils were able to practice using positive body language to put across a confident image so they appear less vulnerable.
Eamonn also brought in equipment to help protect the property of pupils and staff - bells to attach to purses and an elasticated strap with a clip to attach to mobile phones/handbags or belt loops to help prevent thefts.
Pupils were also advised about phone apps to help them stay safe. One is called Hollieguard which can be downloaded to their phones and their parent/carers phone.If they are in danger they can simply shake their phone to alert their parent/carer. Another is called Life 360 which can be downloaded onto family phones to enable childrens location to be monitored


Life 360

Classroom 1
Our Changing World Display
Classroom 2

Doncaster Rovers

Thanks to Doncaster Rovers who recently came in to the Hospital School to visit pupils, sign autographs and donate presents. They also donated two Doncaster Rovers tops to two of our pupils who have been wearing them with pride.

Pupils with football
Pupils in Rovers shirts

Support Dogs

A big congratulations to one of our pupils who has been raising money for a very worthy charity that provides support dogs for people who need extra support due to a variety of disabilities. He recently went to Doncaster Children's Services Trust staff summit and managed to raise £245. He has also been selling crafts such as bottles with LED lights in and fairy doors as well as a raffle. We are extremely proud of him.

Bottles with fairy lights in


The School Nurses have recently visited Maple to raise awareness about the health risks of smoking cigarettes and to advise about the support available for people who wish to stop smoking. They brought along a jar containing tar which is found in the lungs of smokers as well as a box containing products which are found in cigarettes. They advised pupils that there are approximately 600 ingredients in cigarettes which when burned create more than 7,000 chemicals including carbon monoxide, nicotine, tar, arsenic, ammonia and lead. KS3 pupils were able to share their own knowledge of cigarettes from the presentations they have created in their PSHE lessons.

Pupils watching video on smoking
Box with chemicals in

Healthy Learning/Healthy Lives

As part of our Healthy Learning/Healthy Lives programme, pupils have been learning to make healthy soups. Each day they have made a different soup which they have then eaten. They have made a variety of healthy soups including leek and potato, pea and ham and vegetable.

Girl chopping veg
Girl chopping veg with teacher


As part of our PSHE sessions, pupils at Maple have been taking part in first aid sessions. Pippa Adderley from the British Red Cross came into Maple on the 13th and 16th November to deliver sessions on basic first aid where they were able to learn some basic first aid skills. Pupils were able to practice putting a conscious/unconscious casualty into the recovery position - an action which may save a life. All pupils left the session feeling that they now have the confidence to help someone who has collapsed and needs first aid. Well done to all pupils who have taken part in these sessions!

Boy putting casualty into recovery position
Boy putting casualty into recovery position

First Aid

Year 11 pupils are studying a first aid unit as part of their Level 1/ 2 Health and Social Care qualification which requires them to demonstrate practical first aid skills in dealing with asthma, bleeding, burns, choking and shock. Nicholas Thompson a first aid trainer has kindly given up his time to come into Maple to teach Y11 pupil Hope, how to give first aid for these injuries. All pupils practised techniques on each other before being assessed giving first aid to their partners. Well done to all pupils who all worked hard to develop these important skills.

Girl putting arm in sling
Girl massaging ladies back
Girl massaging ladies back

Hate Crime Awareness Week

It was Hate Crime Awareness Week on the 13th to 20th October. Hate crime is a term which is used to describe criminal behaviour which is motivated by hostility or demonstrates hostility towards the victims disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or transgender identity. Alison Atkinson visited us at Maple to deliver a presentation to raise awareness of hate crime which promoted discussion on tolerance and the effects of hate crime on the person involved.

Alison talkin to students

Fund Raising for Local Food bank

Maple pupils recently did a fund raising event for the local food bank. As well as collecting groceries to donate, they set up a small fair with various stalls to raise money. We had a tombola, throwing wet sponges at staff, knock over the pineapple, bobbing apples and many more. Altogether we raised £65 but added to that was a £100 donation from a grateful parent.

Teacher Apple Bobbing
Sponge Throwing
Sponge Throwing
Boy Apple Bobbing

Staff getting wet with sponges
Boy throwing sponges at staff
One of the games we played
Knock over the pineapple

Staff getting wet with sponges
Boy throwing sponges at staff
One of the games we played

Harvesting potatoes

The gardening club is doing really well at the moment. Thanks to the efforts of Cathryn and pupils. We gave our first cucumber, a sunflower growing competition, many lovely flowers around the building and tomatoes , peppers , courgettes and many more in the green house. We have also planted a Maple tree at the front of the building.

Planting potatoes

Planting potatoes

Our first cucumber

Our first cucumber

Tomatoes growing in a hanging basket

Tomatoes growing in a hanging basket