Mulberry News


All of the students in Mulberry have loved having the chicks in Maple over the past few weeks. They have regularly one through to Maple to visit the chicks and were very excited when the chicks came to visit us in Mulberry. The students have enjoyed naming the chicks and there have been a variety of names from Max to Chick Norris! They were very sad when the chicks had to leave but they loved having them here and thoroughly enjoyed seeing them grow every day.

Pupils viewing chicks in incubator
Pupils viewing chicks in incubator
Pupils viewing chicks in incubator

Pupils viewing chicks in incubator


Our brand new KS2 classrooms are all ready for our new children starting in Mulberry this January. We have lovely new furniture and equipment for the students to use and beautiful displays. The students who have already visited Mulberry have loved their classroom and their new school. All the staff cannot wait to meet the new students and are looking forward to working with them.
In Upper Mulberry, our topic this half-term is 'Our Changing World'. We are learning about the Earth’s environment and how it has changed previously, how it may change in the future and how we can impact these changes.

Classroom 1
Our Changing World Display
Classroom 2

Forest Schools

Mulberry will be taking part in Forest Schools, run by Oak Forest Schools, once a week for the rest of the term. So far we have learnt how to make fire safely, including the fire triangle, fire safety and ways in which fire can be made. We mastered the art of using a flint and steal to make embers that can be used to make fire. This was really tricky but we really tried hard and everyone managed to create an ember!

We have also made shelters using tarps, branches and cord. Once our shelters were complete we could then enjoy them with a cup of hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows. We are really excited to see what we be doing next!

Pupils roasting marshmallows on camp fire

Pupils putting tents up

MacMillan Coffee Morning

Mulberry pupils recently organized a MacMillan Coffee morning to raise money for cancer support. They made cakes and did other fund raising events such as "Guess the name of the cake" and "How many sweets in the jar". Altogether they raised over £100.

Pupils setting table of buns and cakes

Pupils setting table of buns and cakes


In Mulberry we have had a fantastic start to March!

In Science we have been exploring the digestion and trying to understand what each of our digestive organs contribute to the process. We have taken part in some experiments and even made our very own man-made digestive system! We did this by using lots of different components such as tights to replicate the oesophagus and a sponge to replicate the absorption in the small intestine. We had lots of fun!

In Topic we have been discussing and discovering lots of amazing facts about our solar system. As part of our topic day we made paper mache planets ready to be painted and varnished next week!

As part of our life skills learning, we have learnt how to make cups of tea. We have taken orders from members of staff and carefully made each brew to perfection! All we need to do now is bake some biscuits to go with it!

Science experiment
Science experiment
Science experiment