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The Hospital School

The Hospital School is based on Level 4 of the Women's and Children's Hospital at Doncaster Royal Infirmary. As well as providing education for children in hospital we also provide Home Tuition for pupils who cannot access school for medical reasons. We are part of a wider medical unit (pupil referral unit) called Maple Medical PRU, which is based at Cedar Road, Balby.

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Admissions Policy

Pupils are admitted to the Hospital School from the wards on the recommendation of medical staff. Medics give advice on who may:

  • attend the classroom
  • be taught at bedside
  • be left for medical reasons
Home tuition is also provided at the request of Consultants when pupils are unable to attend their mainstream school for medical reasons.


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Providing Continuity of Education

What we do:

  • educate children in hospital
  • liaise with parents/carers and multi-agencies including: pupils mainstream school, Medical Services, CAMHS and Social Services
  • provide school reports for medical staff
  • attend multi-agency meetings for children
  • facilitate the taking of exams
  • provide observations for hospital consultants
  • train student doctors and teachers in a unique setting

Contact Details

Assistant Head Teacher Jane Morgan
Telephone 01302 642784

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